Lil P-Nut

A 7 year old with spontaneity and talent is destined to go places.  Lil Peanut has fans ranging from 3 -30, from his hit single “You Might Be The One”.  Lil Peanut is an inspiration even to me; He is able to show that no matter how young an unexperienced you are, raw motivation can take you places. Changing the way most of us hear rap, Lil Peanut is able to keep the crowdintrested and laughing without using vulgar curse words.  He has been seen on talk shows such as ellen DeGeneres where his charm and charisma has kept the crowd out of their seats.



I found my evidence from:

Since the evidence is from more than a year ago, much has probably happened to this young and motivated rapper.  I would have to research mostly on youtube to find any other videos by him.



One response to this post.

  1. omg i want to eat him!

    good thing im not allergic to peanuts.

    it’s a pretty common allergy you know..


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