What We Do For Our Dogs

Dr. Babbette gladstein is changing it all when it comes to how we care for our dogs.   At the Humane Society of New York Gladstein is a volunteer who treats animals alternatively with acupuncture, laser therapy, and prolotherapy injections to help strengthen ligaments and tendons and relieve serious arthritis.   Older dogs sometimes are not able to have surgery because of there age, so Gladstein uses these therapies as an alternate treatment that is not only safer for older dogs, but cheaper.   I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Gladstein when she came to my house to help treat my dog’s arthritis. although painful to watch my dog receive the injections, Gladstein’s work is none other than evolutionary.

I got my information from:http://brooklyn.ny1.com/content/features/124548/nyer-of-the-week–vet-provides-older-dogs-with-alternative-medicine

The next step in my research would be to interview her myself.  Since i see her at my house once and a while, i am able to speak to her personally.


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