Not 24 hours, and he’s at work

Not only did Cuomo move in and make the traditional thank you calls to his constituents on tuesday, but he drafted his first budget for the state of New York.   For months already  Cuomo has been devising a plan to try and eliminate the lobbyists of Albany and the state bureaucracies with people he knows and trusts.  Now, Cuomo has a huge decisions in deciding who will become the secretary of the governor.   Although last night was a night of excitement, Cuomo has a lot of work to do.  The people of New York is angery.  Their taxes are high, their rent is high, and just coming off Paterson, New York needs a hero.

The problem with this story is that it always seems like this when someone gets elected.  I need to give it a couple months before i can say anything certain.  Cuomo must live up to high standers since his father was one of the greatest governors New York has seen.


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