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Senior Hike: 4 Hours Of Confusion

Wednesday came with great weather and a long hike.  As we walked towards the mountain, we all expected it to be an easy and short hike-but it was everything but that.  As we hiked up the mountain at a strenuous incline, we realized that our group of 30 had strayed away from the group.  As the day grew long, the trails became a blur.  Luckily we had Nick and Bakari to help lead the way.  Eventually we made it back to the town, 2 hours before any other group did.  We missed our first train but luckily caught the next one 45 minutes later.   As we got onto the train we all laughed and realized although we had a long and confusing day, it was ncie that we got to work through it together.

N/A for future research.  This was a one time event for our grade.