Who Says You Need Water To Play Football?

Husain Abdullah, a Safety for the Minnesota Vikings, on August 11th began the hardest month of his life.  Ramadan would start, and Abudullah would still have to practice.  Throughout numerous two-a-days Abd

ullah would practice at full speed wihtout eating or drinking the whoel day.  Abdullah said “im putting nothing before God, nothing before my religion.  This is something i choose to do, not something i have to do, So i’m always going to fast.”  A brave and yet dangerous practice Abdullah must hurdle during the beginning of a very important season for the Minnesota Vikings.


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The next step in my research would be to find out why only this year is his tradition of keeping ramadan brought to the attention of the media.


A 7th Grader With Eyes On The Prize

Jashaun Agusto, now in 7th grade, dedicates his life to the sport he loves-basketball.  Every night for 4 hours he practices numerous dribbiling excercises until it becomes second nature.  Sometimes to challenge himself even more, he does all his drills, except with two balls.  He is at such a high level, that his team plays teams two years older.  An amazing accomplishment is that he can run a mile in 4 minutes and 50 seconds.  Although many believe it to be untrue, his father is not pushing his son to work at this level.

The next step in my research would be to see where he is today.  The video i watched was a little less than three years old; do the math. He now is old enough to play high school basketball, where he is within the age group.

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A 100 million Dollar Donation, Now That’s A Tax Deductible

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of the crazed Facebook donated a 100-million-dllar grant to the Newark, New Jersey school system. Zuckerberg said“Improving education in this country is the key to its future, making it a just place, achieving the full potential of all students. There’s a lot to learn.” The grant camp a week before the new release of The Social Network, a film on the birth of Facebook. This act of good inspired me immensly. It shows that there are still many good people out there who are willing to help out society with the money that they have earned.

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For further research, i want to visit Zuckerberg’s website, for a list of the several charities and organizations that he has donated to.   I would also like to research Zuckberg’s moitvations for donating that amount of money to Newark instead of a different school system. reasearch