Bloomberg’s Power

Over the past two weeks numerous parents have spoken out positively and negatively about Bloomberg decsion to nominate Cathie Black to run the school system.  the parents against said they have 10,000 signatures supporting their view that Ms. Black is not qualified for the position.  Many parents gathered around outside the apartnemnt  of the State Education Commissioner, David Steiner, to persuade him not to sign the waiver of approval for Ms. Black.  Many parents have a problem with howo the decision was made.  Mayor Bloomberg did not hold or conduct any interviews prior to the nomination.

The decision about whether David Steiner will approve the waiver for Ms. Black will be held next Tuesday,   I will have to wait to see whether or not she will be approved.


Not 24 hours, and he’s at work

Not only did Cuomo move in and make the traditional thank you calls to his constituents on tuesday, but he drafted his first budget for the state of New York.   For months already  Cuomo has been devising a plan to try and eliminate the lobbyists of Albany and the state bureaucracies with people he knows and trusts.  Now, Cuomo has a huge decisions in deciding who will become the secretary of the governor.   Although last night was a night of excitement, Cuomo has a lot of work to do.  The people of New York is angery.  Their taxes are high, their rent is high, and just coming off Paterson, New York needs a hero.

The problem with this story is that it always seems like this when someone gets elected.  I need to give it a couple months before i can say anything certain.  Cuomo must live up to high standers since his father was one of the greatest governors New York has seen.

New Balance Heads to Japan

New Balance’s Tri Color Collection was released in Japan during early October.  Most of their release parties are hosted in in cities such as Shanghai and Singapore, but for the Tri-Color collection, they went to none other than Japan. New Balance took an “Old School” direction as they went back to their roots for their heritage colors such as burgundy, navy blue, and classic gray.  At the event 10 lucky winners, for their photos at the art exhibition feautring the works of Mr. Kim, Mr. Maasatoshi and MR. Quo Ying Sheng, were presented with their prizes of numerous New Balance originals.


I found my evidence from

There is really no follow up research i can conduct since this was a single event, but i will be sure to keep my eyes out for any New Balance events.

Kanye Is Still Here

Just last week Kanye West premiered his new short film, “Runway”, in London at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.  Not only is Kanye branching out into other art forms, but he is still bringing it when it comes to music.   In the new British single, Kanye is a featuring artist of LaRoux in the remix, “In for the kill”.   Although La Roux is new for Kanye, the remix is not his first collaboration with a British artist; back in 2008 West released the well known song American Boy and worked with Chris Martin from Coldplay in Paranoid.

In order to further my research about Kanye and his booming career, i will have to wait and see what he does with future collaborations with other European artists.  I got my information from


Senior Hike: 4 Hours Of Confusion

Wednesday came with great weather and a long hike.  As we walked towards the mountain, we all expected it to be an easy and short hike-but it was everything but that.  As we hiked up the mountain at a strenuous incline, we realized that our group of 30 had strayed away from the group.  As the day grew long, the trails became a blur.  Luckily we had Nick and Bakari to help lead the way.  Eventually we made it back to the town, 2 hours before any other group did.  We missed our first train but luckily caught the next one 45 minutes later.   As we got onto the train we all laughed and realized although we had a long and confusing day, it was ncie that we got to work through it together.

N/A for future research.  This was a one time event for our grade.

Lil P-Nut

A 7 year old with spontaneity and talent is destined to go places.  Lil Peanut has fans ranging from 3 -30, from his hit single “You Might Be The One”.  Lil Peanut is an inspiration even to me; He is able to show that no matter how young an unexperienced you are, raw motivation can take you places. Changing the way most of us hear rap, Lil Peanut is able to keep the crowdintrested and laughing without using vulgar curse words.  He has been seen on talk shows such as ellen DeGeneres where his charm and charisma has kept the crowd out of their seats.



I found my evidence from:

Since the evidence is from more than a year ago, much has probably happened to this young and motivated rapper.  I would have to research mostly on youtube to find any other videos by him.


What We Do For Our Dogs

Dr. Babbette gladstein is changing it all when it comes to how we care for our dogs.   At the Humane Society of New York Gladstein is a volunteer who treats animals alternatively with acupuncture, laser therapy, and prolotherapy injections to help strengthen ligaments and tendons and relieve serious arthritis.   Older dogs sometimes are not able to have surgery because of there age, so Gladstein uses these therapies as an alternate treatment that is not only safer for older dogs, but cheaper.   I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Gladstein when she came to my house to help treat my dog’s arthritis. although painful to watch my dog receive the injections, Gladstein’s work is none other than evolutionary.

I got my information from:–vet-provides-older-dogs-with-alternative-medicine

The next step in my research would be to interview her myself.  Since i see her at my house once and a while, i am able to speak to her personally.